Pawel Deląg / Actor, director and producer.
Actor, director and producer.
He has hundreds of film, television and theater roles.
He appeared in films including Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List) and Andrzej Żuławski (Szamanka).
Well known to viewers in France and Russia, where he not only plays as an actor, but also as a producer and director.
Pavel Delong is one of the most popular Polish actors of modern generation. He actively films in Russia, Belarus and other countries of the CIS, Czech Republic, France, the USA. The actor doesn't prefer any particular genre of movies: it's not the genre that matters to him, but the story in the basis of the film.
Marta SARSA Markiewicz /Composer, songwriter
Composer, songwriter, music producer.
Music videos for her work have over 100 million plays!
Sarsa created the title song for the movie VOLTA by Juliusz Machulski. For the purposes of the PM 2.5 film, Marta SARSA Markiewicz, composed the song "DUST",
which has been awarded all over the world, including
Best Original Song (American Tracks Music Awards), Best Singer Voice (EUROPEN Cinematography Awards),The Best Soundtrack ( Barcelona Planet Film Festival).
Paulina Skibińska / Director and scenarist
The author of the award-winning worldwide documentary “Object”.
She graduated from screenwriting at the National Film School in Lodz, where she continues her education at the PhD studies. She is the only Polish scholar of the prestigious film program “Kodak”. F5 magazine put her name on the list of the 10 most promising filmmakers of the younger generation.
Piotr biedroń / Festival Director
Director, scriptwriter, producer
and author of TV commercials for the largest Polish brands.
Author of ecological short film „P.M. 2.5” about the problem of smog which was awarded at many international eco-festivals.
Director of the International Green Film Festival.